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Working and playing
Because working dogs are happy dogs!
The team puts in hundreds of miles on the cart
each year.

The scooter is the perfect way to run just one or two dogs

All the dogs love getting out and exploring the local trails while they earn their Pack Dog

We take advantage of every opportunity to
play in the snow on those rare occasions it
falls in Southern California

Weight Pulling
The dogs love the chance to show that they can
pull hard. We weightpull whenever we get the
chance and have participated in SCAMC,
AMCA, and UKC weight pulls.

Yes, malamutes CAN be good obedience dogs and are a lot of fun to train. Holly has her CDX and kwest has his CD, both earning their titles with scores in the 190’s. Kwest also has 4 specialty High in Trial wins.

Malamutes love this fun form of obedience

We participate in AKC, UKC, and IABCA
conformation shows. Each of these venus has a
little something different to offer and all are                                      a lot of fun.

Our friends Kyra and Chalcy invited Kwest
and Kwin to participate in their “101 Dog
Tricks”  book and workbook. Kwin was invited
back to help make the companion DVD. We are
big believers in trick training as a great way
to bond as well as a chance for the dogs to
stretch their mental muscles. And lets face
it, trick training is just plain fun for all involved.

101 Dog Tricks
The companion workbook
Best of 101 dog tricks DVD

                                                  Kwin is in the 2010 Dos Equis          

  Watch it here!

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