Thank you for your interest in our puppies! 
It is our goal to not just find good homes for our puppies but to find the "right" match between each puppy's pesonality and the wants/needs of it's new family.  It is important to us that our puppies go to lifelong homes where they will be an integral part of their owner’s lives. A good match between puppy and owner is vital in making this happen. And we want to make SURE you are happy with your new family member.

Filling out this application allows us to begin the process of getting to know you. All information provided is confidential, and will not be shared with anyone outside Kwest Malamutes & Jindos or used for any other purpose. If you have any questions. or would prefer to discuss this information directly rather than providing it on this form please feel free to contact us.

Name (first and last)
City, State, Zip Code
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Email Address

How long have you lived at this address
Do you rent or own
Type of dwelling (home/appartment/etc)
Do you have a fenced Yard? If so, please describe yard and fence

Are you single or married? If married, for how long?

Spouses Name
Names, ages, and occupations of all adults in household

Ages of all children in household and of children who visit regularly

Please list dogs you currently own including breed, sex, and age

Please list dogs you have previously owned including breed, sex, and where they are now

Do you own any other pets? If yes, please describe?

Why are you interested in obtaining one of our puppies?

Are you looking for a Male or a female? Why?

Are there any activities you plan on participating in with your new dog?

Have you ever raised a puppy before?

What characteristics do you like about this breed?

What characteristics do you dislike about this breed?

What made you decide a Malamute or Jindo was the right breed for you?

Where will your dog spend it's day? How long will it be alone each day?

Where will your Dog sleep at night?

If you have to move, what will you do with your dog?

What will you do with your Dog when you go on vacation?

Have you ever trained a dog before? Please provide details

Would you be willing to attend obedience training classes if recommended?

Would you object to us visiting your home?

Veterinarians name and phone number

Please give us some insight into your expectations for this Dog and your family

Here is your chance to ask us questions and to discuss anything not already covered. Please feel free to email us directly if you need more space. 

Thank you for your interest in our puppies, and for your time and patience in filling out this application. We will be contacting you shortly and look forward to talking with you.
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