The Infamous Holly Tales
Holly's Redecorating Plans
After Holly's little redecorating excapade I installed the 4 foot gate to restrict the dogs to the kitchen. This must have frustrated Holly's redecorating plans terribly, and she dealt with it by trying to blow up my
house. I'm not kidding!
I came home from work one day and when I opened the front door I was blasted by the smell of gas. My first thought was "oh my god...the dogs" and so I went tearing into the house. In the kitchen I found all four of the stoves gas burners turned on, but only one lit. 3 were pumping gas into my house at
full blast. The fourth had flames about 2 feet high coming from it with the occational "poof" igniting some of the gas in the air. This must have been going on for some time since the whole house was FILLED with gas. After turning everything off (and removing the knobs off the stove and stashing them in the fridge) I found the dogs sitting in the back yard. I guess they didn't like the smell. We spent all evening sitting on the back porch and slept with all the doors and windows in the house wide open that night.
Thakfully Holly is more mechanically minded than she is destructive. She did destroy all the pillows that went on the seats of my kitchen chairs (must not have liked the pattern). I had a really ugly plad jacket that she ate both front panels and the collar off of...and every button on the thing. I guess she was making a statement about my taste in clothing. She also has a thing for leather leashes and thinks they are snack food, so I buy nylon now. Thank goodness she isn't really destructive...I'd hate to see what would happen.
I've had lots of people come in my house and ask how old my toddler is. I just point to Holly and say "thats her there in the fur coat". Even with all the "childproofing" I've done I walk into the house every night wondering what I'm going to find. Holly will go months without doing a thing, then pulls something like the dishwasher incident. It sure keeps life interesting. Heck, I'm always happy just to find the house still standing