The Infamous Holly Tales
Holly The Housekeeper

Sometimes I really have to wonder about my dogs.
Yesterday I loaded up the dishwasher before leaving for work, then discovered I was out of detergent. Knowing Holly's drive to get at anything that might possibly smell the slightest bit like food I made sure that dishwasher was locked securely before I left the house...I even double
checked it. I figured I'd pick up more detergent on my way home.
I guess Holly decided she needed to lend a hand and take care ot the housekeeping for me. Upon arriving home detergent in hand I discovered an open dishwasher and not one dish in sight. Now this dishwasher had been packed with dishes thanks to some friends coming for dinner Sunday night. After a hectic day at work this was almost too taxing of a puzzle for my brain to deal with. The only evidence of a culprit was the malamute sitting in the middle of my kitchen with the big grin on her face.
My dogs have access to only the kitchen part of the house and the yard via the dog door while I'm not at home so by process of elimination...if those dishes aren't in the kitchen they must be in the yard.  Out I tromped.
Those dishes are a fairly heavy set. Big plates and bowles, as well as several pans and all the silverware. I expected to find them sitting outside the dog door. Nope. I ended up searching the yard and still nothing. Along about the time I was deciding my good dishes must be buried in the yard somewhere (or perhaps abducted by aliens) I spotted the dogs pool. Nah, she couldn't have.
Yep, she did. I guess scouring those dishes clean herself wasn't good enough...Holly decided they needed to be rinsed as well. We have been having temps in the 100+ range so I had left about 4 inches of water in the pool for the dogs to dip their toes in. My now clean dishes were happily soaking in the dogs swimming water. Every piece was there, and not a one was broken
or even chipped. Even the steak knives were clean, a feat Holly managed without so much as getting a single cut in her mouth anywhere. She was so proud of herself.
I wonder...If I'd been late coming home would she have dried them and put them away??? I wonder if she does windows??? :-)
They sure know how to put a smile on our faces don't they?