The Infamous Holly Tales
Holly The Interior Decorator
About a month after Holly came to live with us I started giving her the run of the house for short periods of time when I wasn't home. Over time this worked up to all day while I was at work with no incidents for quite some time. Then out of the blue one day I came home to Hollys redecorating plan.Everything in the house that could be taken out the dog door and spread arround the back yard, was. the phone, pillows off the couch, beadspread, clothes out of the closet, the modem from the computer, and much of my  collection of old books (My Dogs In The Northland ended up on the picnic table, at least she has good taste in reading material). My first thought was that I'd been robbed, then I realized that things like the TV were still there. Holly didn't chew or destroy anything, she just "redecorated" carefully placing each thing just so in the yard. She even opened my drawers and toted out all the clothes within. She must have had fun doing it since my underthings ended up in the almond tree. She had to have used the sling shot method to acheive the effect. I ended up sitting on the ground laughing so hard I couldn't get up. Boy I wish someone had been there to see her do it.
That was the day I discovered she knew how to turn door knobs so now my house sports the child safety devices on all the doors. She also proved herself able to open cabinets so I installed the usual baby locks. It took her exactly one day to figure out how to slip her paw in and break those locks. Now all my cabinets sport these neat locks that require a magnetic key to open them. I have to keep the key in the fridge since one day I watched her lift the key off the kitchen counter, walk over to the dog food cabinet, sit down, and contemplate. I know eventually she would figure it out. As yet she hasn't figured out how to open the fridge. Yet!!