The Infamous Holly Tales
MRM Report from Capt. Holly
This is Capt. Holly reporting in with appologies on the lateness of this communication. A feline has taken up residence in our computer room and the added security surounding his continued survival has interupted communication lines. Mom says "Fearless Kitty" is only a temporary resident, so attempts at eating uh,er I  mean recruiting him will be completed ASAP.

First I would like to commend  lieutenant merlin on excellent doorknob technique. Our household also sports extra locks or doorknob covers on all doors. Unfortunatally, when I first moved in, I was inexperienced in the finer points of the movement. Shortly after mom first bailed me out of jail I tipped my hand by opening 3 doors and taking myself for a walk. Mom was less than impressed and the extra locks were added with great haste...thus spoiling all the potential opportunities for using this technique.
MRM activities here in the high desert have been somewhat slow, but we do have a few recent menuvers to report. The advent of cold weather (yipee!!) has let to nightly scooter and cart runs. In the last week it has been truly cold and mom has been sick so we have taken great pleasure in giving her the big brown eyes technique and guilting her into getting out the scooter. We are rangeing further and further afield, checking out new locations and potential food sources for moment activities. Over the weekend we even had the chance to take mom for a run during daylight hours, and found an new source of prey. Oddly enough, this strange bird outran us (and then disapeared when our dumb Sibe who always gets to run in front wrapped us around a tumbleweed). Mom thought it was hysterical and kept saying "beep beep" and calling us coyotes. Humans are very strange sometimes.

Attempts at putting the tractor to good use has finally resulted in a very positive outcome. Surprisingly, our human grandpa was of great assistance in this. He used the tractor to dig this huge long trench in the ground, and then both he and mom cheered when our PIT Kwest began clearing dirt so as to use the trench as the beginning of an excellent MRM bunker. They said something about "wire" and "yard lights", but the trench has remained for some time and our improvements are being encouraged. Is it possible our human has lost her mind?

Our PIT Kwest appears to have been in communication with PIT Jacob. Their recent actions are very similar. He has the "I'm so cute...I couldn't possibly do anything wrong" move down perfectly and excells at the big brown eyes thing. He is also working hard at carrying water in his mouth, and distinguished himself recently by making it all the way onto moms bed (while she was in it no less) before letting it all dribble out. We feel he is our best hope for "recruiting" the cat creature since he has managed to convince mom that he has no interest in harming a hair on the things head. We are working on PIT Kwests typing skills with hopes that he will be able to continue communications if the feline security interupts my access on a continuing basis.

Our biggest recent news was accually all the doing of PIT Kwest. Our mom is careful to keep our yard well cleared of extra debris, however we recently had an unusual object blow in off the back field. Many of these objects have been seen recently flying from vehicles and in other places, and in fact (being a patriotic Malamute) PIT Kwest was aware that what blew in and was lying on our ground in the dirt was an american flag. As all patriotic Malamutes know, that is not at all where flags belong, and poor little Kwest did his best to remedy the problem in the best way he knew how. With greatest dignity and respect he swallowed the flag for safe keeping. Unfortunatally, this made his tummy very upset, and this in turn scared mom to death when she got home. It was only after several trips to the vet, pictures of the inside of his tummy, and discussions of "extreme measures" to get the (then unknown) object out of him that Kwest was able to give the flag to mom. While we commend Kwest for his efforts, we recommend that any other MRM members use other retrieval techniques if faced with the same situation. This one was rather stressfull on Kwests insides and moms nerves.
Looks like mom's heading back in here with that feline, so I'd better scamper.
Capt. Holly reporting
High Desert region, Southern California