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Nordiclight's Lil Mud NTH Tires CGC
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Jeep's first experience in harness was being hooked up with Kwest for a fun short run with the scooter while at the Bark at the Park when she was 5 months old. From the first moment it was clear this activity is Jeep's true calling in life. She shows incredible promise, and it is a pleasure watching her grow into her potential. At 7 months old she had her first opportunity to run up in front of the team, and she loved every moment of it. So much so that she's now running swing even with the big team, and she's getting the chance to try out her big puppy paws in lead now and then. She's also having a great time learning all about hiking and carrying a pack.
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July 2010 - SCAMC specialty Jeep earned the first leg of her WWPD title pulling 483 lbs in 10.54 seconds.
It's summer in SoCal - why would she be silly enough to wear a fur coat to the specialty? :-)
July 2010 - UKC show had a fun practice agilty ring set up. This was the first time Jeep had ever seen most of this equipment. She thought it was all GREAT fun!
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