Malamute Coat Color Genetics
by Nichole Royer

Dark Blue
Genetics: atatB-clcldddomdom-E- (Tan Point + Domino +Chinchilla-like dilute + Dilute)
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Coat: Appear Gray from a distance however most have a white band at the base of the coat. Very dark individuals may be missing the white band.

Undercoat: Usually white, however may be gray/light gray along topline and in very dark individuals.

Legs and Face: White/off white

Facial Markings: Always crisp and clear cut includes a full bar (except in individuals with additional white spotting) that appears solid in color on the face.

Pigment: Gray – may give the appearance of a gray wash.

Eyes: Yellow

Notes: Never has the extreme masking seen on Black and White dogs. Often mistaken for Seal.

Newborn or Puppy: Born with crisp facial markings/masking and large white eyebrows. May have little pigment at birth. Eyes slate gray when they open.

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