Working Hard 'N Playing Hard

Over the July 4th weekend of 2003 Kwest had the pleasure of taking part in two weight pulls put on by the SCAMC. On Thursday Kwest walked out of the obedience ring after winning HIT, and into his weight pull harness to earn a first place in his weight class. We went back on Saturday just for the weight pull and Kwest once again to my surprise won his class.

In February 2004 Kwest completed the last leg of his WWPD title with a pull of 1275 lbs which also earned him his first WWPDX leg and high percent pulled for the day.

On the July 4th weekend of 2004 we ventured back out to Ventura once again for the SCAMC weightpulls. Kwest pulled 1627 lbs the first day and won his class. The following day Kwest pulled 1539 lbs which earned him his first high weight pulled as well as high percentage for the day.

On October 10, 2004 Kwest completed the last leg for his WWPDX title with a personal best pull  ever of 2155 lbs, almost 30 times his own weight.