JANGU - OKDOLJANG  
                                                                               JIN-KKOKJI OKDOLJANG



                                                                                 BAEKHO CHOUKENNEL

                                        BAEKMI - MOKJUKWONJINDOGAE

                                                                                       SEOLJIN - MOKJUKWONJINDOGAE                  



                                                                                GEONI BAKSAGOL
                                        CHADOL - YEOSANJINDO    

                                                                                           CHOI GEUMSOSAN

             WOLJU - YEOSANJINDO 

                                                                               MEOTEOLI - JANGHWADOGYEONSA

                                        WOLYEONG - YEOSANJINDO

                                                                               YASIMI 2 - JANGHWADOGYEONSA


DaeHo is our first puppy that we imported from South Korea after the new U.S. Center for Disease Control regulations went into effect in 2014. He could only be imported after receiving a rabies shot in Korea at 3 months of age and then waiting within Korea for another month. So he was shipped at 4 months of age. 

Although DaeHo missed out on two months of socialization in a 'Western' setting, he arrived in the U.S. as a bold, confident pup that was friendly towards people and fearless towards other dogs.  

DaeHo is growing into a proportionate, balanced dog. He has a lovely temperament, and very high prey and hunting drive. DaeHo was selected based on the photos of his parents and grandparents. His paternal grandfather was Jang-u (JangWoo) who won BIS in several breed shows in South Korea.

Pending health tests and how he further matures, the plan is for DaeHo to be the sire of HoSu's second litter.

Breed - Korean Jindo
Sex - Male
Date Of Birth - 11/23/2015
Color - White
Registries - FCI, UKC, AKC-FSS Pending
PennHip - Too Young
Cardiac - Too Young
CERF Eye -Too Young
OFA Thyroid - Too Young
Co-Owned with Ann Kim YooShin Kennels